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  °F   mph   in  
1 PM   Light rain   71°   2   0.0
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Light rain showers
2 PM   Light rain   72°   2   0.01
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1 PM   Partly cloudy   72°   5   0
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3 PM   Light rain showers   73°   4   0.0
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2 PM   Light rain   74°   4   0.0
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Weather alerts in the area


  • Yellow High-Temperature Warning
    19.05.2024 by day in Riga intensive heat is expected - air temperature will increase up to +25...+26º. BE AWARE of heat! Taking into account that the Rimi Riga Marathon is taking place in Riga, during which there will be a large gathering of people, as well as increased physical activity for the participants, the heat will cause additional stress on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Elderly people, infants, as well as representatives of other age groups suffering from chronic diseases are also exposed to the risk of health problems! Read more about what to do in case of heat here (! Additional information on behavior in hot weather for competition participants: In the middle of the day, in sunny conditions, protection against the sun rays is necessary - stay in the shade, especially in the middle of the day. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun with exposed body parts. Choose light clothing that covers the body, use sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses with an ultraviolet radiation filter!
    19 May 09:00 → 19 May 21:00

Ogre municipality

  • Yellow Forest-Fire Warning
    From 19.05 till 24.05.2024 in the east part of Latvia high risk of forest fires is expected. BE AWARE of high risk of fire in forests and bush areas! Be careful near forests and bushes - do not light bonfires, do not use pyrotechnics. Think about how to extinguish and dispose the cigarette butts and flammable liquids or objects - do not allow them to get in the forest or bushes! When working in the forest or bush area, follow all work safety and fire safety regulations. If you notice a fire, immediately notify the rescue service! Read more about what to do in case of a forest fire here!
    19 May 09:00 → 24 May 23:00

The Climendo forecast

Climendo combines 6 local forecasts for Riga into one. The forecast is based on weather models from YR, SMHI, DWD, GFS and GDPS.

Coming days

    Max   Min   mph   in  

Saturday 18 May

  Light rain   74°   58°   6   0.05

Sunday 19 May

  Light rain   73°   50°   6   0.07

Monday 20 May

  Partly cloudy   75°   53°   8   0.02

Tuesday 21 May

  Light rain showers   71°   54°   9   0.03

Wednesday 22 May

  Light rain showers   76°   59°   10   0.01

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About our forecasts for Riga

Our Climendo forecast is an analysis and summary of the following weather models.

Model From Next
The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET)
Resolution: High (1.6 mi)
11:39 AM
18 May
12:39 PM
U.S. National Weather Service (NWS)
Resolution: Medium (8.1 mi)
8:06 AM
18 May
2:06 PM
Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)
Resolution: High (4.0 mi)
7:45 AM
18 May
1:45 PM
Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)
Resolution: Medium (8.1 mi)
6:59 AM
18 May
12:59 PM
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)
Resolution: High (1.7 mi)
11:00 AM
18 May
12:00 PM
Meteorological Service of Canada
Resolution: Low (15.5 mi)
8:35 AM
18 May
8:35 PM